Modular multifunctional system

The boiserie also becomes storage, a door, an element for dividing up rooms:
many different functions, with maximum stylistic consistency, for made-to-measure wooden solutions.
An innovative tailor-made system that can be interpreted as a cladding for existing walls, a storage area, a partition, a door. Available in Walnut, Oak and Eucalyptus, Urban_H is made to measure according to the specific needs of each room: up to 3 metres in height – and more.
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The storage space integrated in the Urban_H modular multifunctional system provides valuable space for collecting and displaying books and design objects, and contributes to building the personality of the room.

The Urban_H modular multifunctional system can integrate a door – revealing and concealing at the same time an elegant and functional passageway between the rooms of the house.

The Urban_H multifunctional modular system is an extremely practical solution for any room in the house where space and objects need to be organised rationally and aesthetically impeccably: the concealed recessed doors, for example, protect and reveal shelves and drawers, making it even easier to keep things clean and tidy.
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