Modular 3D wall panelling

Modular solutions for cladding walls and furniture elements with extraordinary three-dimensional effects,
in wood or in dialogue with other precious materials such as marble and metals.

Modular solutions with a contemporary design, for vertical compositions that are always unique and made to measure, characterized by the suggestive three-dimensional texture obtained through the solid wood processing of Walnut or Oak. The synergy between Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro creates a range of proposals that stands out for its aesthetic and functional versatility and guarantees design freedom and ease of installation.

Code 3D

Code 3D consists of 36×72 cm modules. Its high-quality 3D effect is obtained by solid wood processing – Walnut or Oak. The different profiles are distinguished by the shape of the milling in bas-relief, accentuated or more rounded, and by their intensity. The three-dimensional effect makes possible to play with the reflection of light and the combination of modules with different intensities – to be installed in horizontal, vertical or diagonal positions – creates highly attractive compositions.
  • Code 3D – Ca’ Pisani

  • Code 3D – Jazz Ca’ Nadal – Lead

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Pisani

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Code 3D – Ca’ Savio

Rail 3D

Available in Walnut and Oak, Rail 3D can be customized by choosing from a range of color finishes – all designed to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to give it a contemporary touch, as in the case of the metallic finishes available in various colors. Its design is characterised by the precise low-relief milling. The pattern of lines, more accentuated in the V_Rail 3D version and more rounded in the U_Rail 3D version creates a precise rhythm of solids and voids, playing with the reflection of light. The overall result of each composition is one of extreme refinement and elegance.
  • Rail 3D – Ca’ Savio

Tribeca 3D

Tribeca 3D is made up of 81×81 cm modules worked in three different patterns. The three-dimensional effect is obtained by bas-relief milling of the layer of noble wood, Walnut or Oak. Horizontal, vertical and oblique lines create an extremely varied pattern, with the possibility of customization provided by the various finishes, including the attractive metallic ones. The wall covered with Tribeca 3D will thus have a layout that is unique and different every time. Tribeca 3D is a particularly effective solution for cladding furniture elements as well.
  • Tribeca 3D – Ca’ Pisani

  • Tribeca 3D – Noce oliato

  • Tribeca 3D – Ca’ Savio

  • Tribeca 3D – Rovere Natura

Azalea 3D

Azalea 3D and Azalea 3D Art are the creative result – aesthetically original and eclectic – of the symbiosis between the unmistakable textures of Tribeca 3D and the Azalea flooring by Foglie d’Oro. The design, a geometric abstraction of natural forms, can be chosen in its version in Walnut or Oak wood only or with the precious brass and Fior di Pesco, Carrara, Marquinia and Orange Blank marble inserts. Azalea 3D and Azalea 3D Art make it possible to obtain unique and personalized compositions each time, guaranteeing at the same time ease of design and installation.
  • Azalea – Ca’ Biasi – Marble

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