2D Wall panelling

The same formats and designs of the wide range of wooden floors designed and produced by Foglie d’Oro
can become striking vertical coverings.

The beauty of real Walnut and Oak wood moves seamlessly from the horizontality of the floor to the vertical surfaces of the walls. The result, thanks to the combination of different designs and formats, is unique and surprising every time.
  • Azalea – Ca’ Corner – Marble and Brass

Planks, herringbone patterns and many different geometric and design modules become, based on the wishes of the customer and the creative freedom of the designer, an extraordinary achievement, where wood is shown in its essential beauty or in dialogue with marble and metal inserts.

The extraordinary possibility of customizing the finishes makes possible to find the most suitable color solution for the space, going along with the style of the furnishing and interpreting the genius loci: contemporary lofts, villas, … every type of architecture can find its perfect vertical cladding.

  • Matita – Ca’ Corner – Brass

  • Matita – Ca’ Nadal – Marble and Brass

  • Frammenti – Ca’ Magno

The possibility of customization goes beyond the choice of shapes and finishes and includes the creation of unique, made-to-measure formats based on the design of the architect, who is sure to find in the quality of the materials, in the technologies and in the expertise of Foglie d’Oro the guarantee of a result that is consistent with his design idea.

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